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Discover the Land of the Midnight Sun

More than just the biggest city in Alaska, Anchorage has everything from metropolitan allure to the rugged outdoors. The city of Anchorage covers more than 1,900 square miles, including both pristine nature and a bustling, urban downtown. In fact, within its city limits, Anchorage has pristine wilderness, magnificent mountains and a sophisticated downtown. Being as far north, the city experiences very long days during the summer and winter days that see an average of only five hours of daylight. Since the winters are quite cold, most visits take place during the summer when there are over 20 hours of daylight. And while Anchorage is far north, keep in mind that it’s just about as far north as cities like Helsinki and Stockholm.

Anchorage has something for both the city dweller and the outdoorsperson, and experiencing some of each is the best way see it. One way to get to see all of Anchorage is to take a seaplane tour from one of several outfits located at the Lake Hood Seaplane Base, just by the international airport. If you prefer to stay on land, Chugach State Park has nearly 500,000 acres of mountains, lakes and rivers to explore. It provides unforgettable hiking, mountain biking and guided tours. As a stop on the Alaska Railroad’s north-south route, guests Anchorage is an ideal place to set off on trips to places like Denali, Seward and Fairbanks.

Downtown Anchorage has all the makings of a major city but with a style and design that is uniquely Alaskan. On weekends from May through September, the Anchorage Market and Festival takes place with hundreds of vendors selling everything from farmer’s market produce to Alaskan crafts and artwork. The Anchorage Museum at Rasmussen Center is an art museum featuring native Alaskan work as well as a planetarium and an Alaskan natural history museum. Lodging in and around Anchorage has a lot of different options, from major hotel brands all the way to luxurious B&B’s. Just outside of town is the Alyeska Resort, beautifully set on a lake in the Alaska Wilderness. For a more conventional stay, the Anchorage Marriot Downtown and Hotel Captain Cook are in the center of Anchorage and are both four star properties.

Private Aircraft Charter to Anchorage FAQ

What do I need to think about when chartering to Anchorage?

Anchorage and much of southern Alaska is served by Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport – ANC. Alaska is a huge state and most visits begin and end at ANC airport with its modern facilities, very long runways and excellent ground handling services. It is just eight miles from downtown Anchorage and Highway 1 so there is easy access to places like Denali National Park, the Chugach Mountains and Cook Inlet. Much of Alaska is only reachable by smaller aircraft and seaplanes and ANC is perfectly situated for catching these sorts of flights. Many of the regions bush flight operators use ANC as its base for flights to Alaska’s tiny towns and villages. And just three miles away is the Lake Hood Seaplane Base, where guests can catch a flight to many off-airport locations where a body of water is the only place to land.

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