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North of Perfection

The city of Fairbanks, AK is different from most cities in many ways. At 64 degrees north latitude, this city of about 32,000 sees nearly 24 hours of daylight during the summer and winters have days with just a few minutes of sunlight. It is where rugged mountains give way to immaculate rivers and streams with bountiful wildlife. The proud people of Fairbanks have established a dynamic and spirited city in the far reaches of Alaska. This sense of pride has created a charming city with a wonderful downtown that is steeped in Alaskan culture. And visiting one of the most beautiful natural environments on the planet means that getting out and seeing the nearby natural wonders is an absolute must. While the winters in Fairbanks are, indeed, very cold, its location under the “Aurora Oval” makes it one of the premier places to view the northern lights. On clear nights, it is possible to see the celestial lights shift from purple to red to green.

Because the winters in Fairbanks are very cold and only see a few hours of daylight, the majority of guests visit during the summer. One of the best ways to see Fairbanks is through the many available tours. It’s a great idea to spend a day with a guide walking through town to learn more about its unique history. To see Fairbanks and the region from above, many bush pilot outfits are in town offering flightseeing tours. All will provide views of the amazing landscape and abundant wildlife with. For some time around town, Fairbanks has great shops, galleries and restaurants, all with an Alaskan flair. The accommodations in and around Fairbanks are as unique as the town and have a rustic character that is all Alaskan. Chena Hot Springs Resort is just about an hour north of Fairbanks and is famous for baths that are fed by naturally occurring hot springs. The resort offers a variety of lodging options, from private cabins to yurts and secluded campsites. At the Chena Hot Spring Resort Restaurant, guests can enjoy dishes prepared with produce direct from the resort’s own greenhouse and fresh seafood delivered daily.

Private Aircraft Charter to Fairbanks FAQ

What do I need to think about when chartering to Fairbanks?

Because Fairbanks is isolated, air travel is a primary means of transport, and consequently, Fairbanks has a well-equipped airport to serve charter flights to the region. Fairbanks International Airport – FAI - is just about 5 miles to town, so you can expect a short, 10-minute drive to downtown Fairbanks. Fairbanks Airport is the main airport for all of central Alaska and it serves as the starting point for visits to the region. The airport is filled with many air tour and bush pilot outfits that take guests to the more remote parts of Alaska in traditional and float equipped sea-planes. FAI airport is also ideally located for visits to Fairbanks, Denali National Park and Preserve and all of central Alaska. And because Fairbanks International Airport has very long runways, there are no restrictions on the size and class of business jets that it can comfortably serve.

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