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The Big Island

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The Big Island

Many Lands – One Paradise

The island of Hawaii, known as “The Big Island,” is the largest of the Hawai’ian Islands. Living up to its name, Hawaii encompasses over half the area of the entire chain of islands. It is a land of extremes that includes Mauna Loa – the world’s largest mountain by volume – and Mauna Kea – the world’s tallest mountain from its base on the seafloor to its peak. It also the home of Hawaii Volcanos National Park, which is where the world’s most active volcanos can be found. The land is so varied that the interior part of the island sees weather and temperatures that require warm clothes. It is this diverse land that makes Hawaii an incredible place to visit. A day on the Big Island can be spent relaxing on the beach, hiking snow-covered peaks and snorkeling in the clear blue waters.

The Big Island is extremely varied across its six regions that range from warm beaches and towns to mountainous, barren terrain. East Hawaii is the windward side where much of the precipitation falls and where Hilo – Hawaii’s biggest city – can be found. The land ranges from rainforest with waterfalls to dry open fields with horses and donkeys. West Hawaii is on the leeward side of the island and sees much warmer weather and far less rain. West Hawaii is the best place for ocean based activities like snorkeling, swimming and easy surfing. The northwest region is called Kohala and is where the top resorts and absolute world-class golfing can be found. Hamakua, on the east side, is where guests should take a helicopter tour to view the towering waterfalls, majestic cliffs and soft rolling hills. The east side of Hawaii is known as Puna and is where visitors can view active volcanos spilling into the bubbling sea to create newly formed land. Ka’u, is the least visited region on Hawaii and offers a more subdued experience with its vacation rentals, little beaches and tiny towns.

The Big Island truly has endless opportunities for every kind of holiday, from action-packed outdoor adventures to visits to national parks to time spent in the towns around the island. Hawaii Volcanos National Park offers trails that traverse tropical rain forests and snake along volcanic craters. To experience the abundant tropical sea life on Hawaii, the many snorkeling and scuba diving outfitters provide guides, equipment and training. Because Hawaii is so big, the best way to see the entire island is with a helicopter tour. Tours depart from Hilo and Kona and take guests above the incredible sights, including active volcanos, mountains valleys and unspoiled coastline. The accommodations on Hawaii are as varied as the land they are on. Everything from locally owned B&B’s to palatial major brand resorts are available for your time on Hawaii.

Private Aircraft Charter to The Big Island FAQ

What do I need to think about when chartering to The Big Island?

The Big Island of Hawaii, as the name suggests, is the largest of the Hawaiian Island chain and it is well-covered by three airports located on three of its sides. West Hawaii is served by Hilo International Airport – ITO – set just over three miles away and only a 10-minute drive from the town of Hilo. ITO airport is perfect for those starting their trips on the west side of the island and visiting the town of Hilo and Mauna Kea. It’s also perfect for visits to many of the parks and reserves including Hilo Forest Reserve, Kahaualea Natural Area Reserve as well as Hawaiian Paradise Park and Hawaiian Beaches. Over on the other side of The Big Island and just outside of the town of Kona is Kona International Airport – KOA. KOA airport in West Hawaii and is only eight miles and a 20-minute drive from Kona and is a great choice for those visiting Mauna Loa as well as the leeward side beaches for their excellent watersports and easy surfing. The third airport option for visits to The Big Island is Waimea – Kohala Airport – MUE. Waimea – Kohala Airport is at the northern tip of The Big Island near the town of Waimea and it is a great place for guests visiting the more relaxed and rural part of the island where beautiful beaches give way to rolling hills and cattle ranches. MUE is also near Mauna Kea, which is where the W.M. Keck Observatory and the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope are located. What’s best is that all three airports have very long runways and can easily accommodate all sizes and classes of business jets.

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