Safety, above all else

Moment's data-driven approach to safety ensures peace of mind on every flight

Unfortunately, for much of the industry, safety is simply a rubber stamp or a green checkmark. At Moment, safety is part of our culture and is baked into everything that we do. Safety is more than just meeting the FAA regulations. It's more than the total hours that a pilot has accumulated. Safety touches every piece of a flight, and a safety evaluation needs to be equally comprehensive.

To ensure that your safety is never compromised, we developed a multi-faceted quantitative safety evaluation for each flight that takes into account all available information and risk factors.


Of the more than 2,000 operators and 11,000 aircraft certified by the FAA for on-demand operations, only a fraction pass Moment's safety standards and are approved for Moment flights. We hand-pick operators who share our obsession over and culture of safety. All Moment-approved operators and aircraft have accident-free records.


Pilots are individually reviewed and must meet stringent checks and experience requirements that far exceed FAA minimums to be approved for Moment flights. Moment experience requirements are holistic, and include a pilot's total experience, experience on each type of aircraft that they are qualified to fly, and experience in each flight role. All Moment-approved pilots have accident-free records.


Safety is more than just selecting an aircraft and pilot - to truly ensure safety, each flight must be evaluated uniquely. Moment's real-time search engine includes a proprietary risk model to filter out options with excessive or unfavorable risk characteristics before you even book. From the instant you book up until the completion of your trip, Moment's technology and team are monitoring your flights to address any issues proactively. Leading up to each flight, a detailed flight risk assessment is performed to identify and mitigate risk. On your day of travel, your Moment concierge will work closely with the operator to monitor for potential disruptions (weather or otherwise) and notify you if any schedule changes may be necessary.

Moment collects safety data from a wide range of sources, including FAA, DOT, NTSB, and NASA databases, well as data provided directly from operators and independent safety auditors. Our data-driven approach to identifying risk factors and establishing safety requirements and minimums translates to higher level of safety on every flight.