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Say aloha to the true Hawaii

Known as the “The Friendly Island”, Molokai is the fifth largest in Hawaii and the third oldest. Considered the most Hawaiian of all the islands, Molokai’s residents have fought hard to resist development. Their goal was to maintain Hawaii’s rich and vibrant culture and to avoid the built-up urban cities and towns on the other islands. What remains is an incredibly beautiful island that is devoid of tourist crowds, commercialized shopping areas and all but one hotel. Most of the beaches, parks and towns are spread across the island, so it is best to rent a car or hire a tour bus to be able to see it all. A lot of Molokai is quite rural and has been set aside for cattle ranching and pineapple farming. This gives it a very laid back and casual atmosphere that is perfect for those looking to get away from it all and unplug.

Molokai is known by its three different regions – the West End, East End and Central Molokai. The West End is where guests looking for a quiet respite should go. It is where Papohaku Beach, Molokai’s biggest and least crowded can be found as well as the lovely plantation town of Maunaloa. Molokai’s East End is the most undeveloped region and is where many of the incredible natural attractions and historical sites can be found. On the East End, guests can visit the island’s only churches – built in the late 1800’s – hike Kamakou – Molokai’s tallest mountain and see one of the island’s only accessible deep valleys. Central Molokai is where the island’s biggest city of Kaunakakai is located and is considered the island’s economic, social and cultural center. Kanuakakai is filled with authentic eateries, locally owned shops and quiet streets to stroll down. Kaluapapa National Historical Park honors the island’s past as a leper colony where visitors can learn more about the struggles of its residents.

A fun and unique way to see some of Molokai is to take a mule ride through Kalaupapa National Historical Park. The three-mile ride takes guests through an hour-and-a-half ride through 26 switchbacks to the former leper colony. It is a time for reflection, learning and understanding the history of the island. The small towns on the island provide small streets that are lined with authentic Hawaiian shops, lovely eateries and locally owned galleries. Molokai is proud to have only one hotel on the island, which helps maintain its untouched and serene nature. In addition, many residents have chosen to rent their homes out. They are all well-kept homes that are perfect visits to Molokai for those who want to avoid the crowds, noise and bustle seen on the other islands.

Private Aircraft Charter to Molokai FAQ

What do I need to think about when chartering to Molokai?

Guests visiting Molokai will arrive and depart from Molokai Airport – MKK – which is set in the center of the island and serves as its main airport. Its central location makes is perfect for visits to Molokai’s three distinct regions and all of the Islands main roadways are easily accessible from MKK. Molokai’s largest town, Kaunakakai, is only about eight miles and a 15-minute drive from MKK and its central location on the island means that all of the beaches, resorts and natural attractions are easily reachable. What’s best is that Molokai Airport sees very little airline traffic so guests will see barely any traffic, congestion and delays.

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