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Idaho Falls

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Idaho Falls

Nature, nurtured

Set in the Snake River Plain in Rocky Mountains is the lovely city of Idaho Falls. As the largest city in the area, Idaho Falls also has the role of the of being the center of the economic, cultural and tourism for the region. Because of this, not only is Idaho Falls a great place to set off on outdoor adventures, it’s also a wonderful city to spend some time in. Recent years have seen a booming economy that has helped Idaho Falls grow into a sophisticated town that holds tight to its connection with the natural environment. National Geographic named Idaho Falls as a “Top 100 Adventure Town” and it’s no wonder considering how close Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are. Its proximity to so many natural attractions makes Idaho Falls the ideal place to set off on the endless outdoor adventures in the area.

And although the outdoor adventures are plenty, there is just as much to do in town. Recently, Idaho Falls downtown has been revitalized from a sleepy place into one full of locally owned shops, restaurants, theatres and galleries. Along the Snake River right through downtown is the Idaho Falls Greenbelt, a six-mile walk that takes visitors through town. includes wildlife, perfect views and great places to have a picnic. The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho that is right on the Snake River features local artists with a focus on the history and natural environment of Idaho Falls. Dining in Idaho Falls is an eclectic mix of fine dining establishments, casual burger joints and authentic ethnic restaurants. The Snakebite Restaurant is a new-world farm-to-table restaurant serves dishes such as fresh pastas, seafood and burgers using locally sourced ingredients. Accommodations in Idaho Falls ranges from major brands such as Marriot and Hilton to locally owned B&B’s and Inns.

Private Aircraft Charter to Idaho Falls FAQ

What do I need to think about when chartering to Idaho Falls?

Idaho Falls is served by two excellent airports that are well-equipped to handle guests’ charter flights to Eastern Idaho. Idaho Falls Regional Airport – IDA – is the region’s primary airport that is located just 4 miles from town with a 5-10-minute drive. IDA is a commercial airport, so it has the facilities and runways to handle all sizes and classes of business jets. IDA airport is conveniently located on Interstate 15 so locations such as Twin Falls, Pocatello and all of Idaho’s national forests and monuments are easily reachable. A second option is available to the east in Teton County. Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport – DIJ – is located 73 miles from Idaho Falls with drive times of just over an hour. DIJ’s location in eastern Idaho make it ideal for visits to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks as well as Caribou-Targhee National Forest. And like IDA, DIJ has more than enough runway for everything from turboprops to long-range heavy jets.

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